Your stay in The Tractor Shed: guest guide

Welcome to Trewena! Firstly thank you for choosing to stay with us during your time in Cornwall. Since moving on site in 2020 we’ve been working hard to create a place where you can tune out of the noise and plug into nature. Whether you’re here to relax on site, explore the best that Cornwall has to offer, or to visit friends and family, we want to make your time in at Trewena as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

We’ve created this guide and in it you’ll find everything you need to know – about us, your cottage, the site and the surrounding area. From where to eat and where the best beaches to how your TV works and the WiFi password. It’s all here.

We'd recommend having a scan through the guide before your trip and bookmarking the page in your phone browser so that it'll be on hand during your stay.

We would always rather you make a quick call than be unsure, so never hesitate to do this both before or during your stay. We are usually on site when you arrive and are very happy to answer any questions then too.

Please feel free to call or WhatsApp us:
Rich: 07878195227
Hellen: 07311445012

Or if you prefer email (please note this comes with the risk of a slower response):

We truly hope you enjoy your time with us and fall for the delights of this beautiful, unspoilt area and have a wonderful stay!

Rich and Hellen the owners of Trewena Cottages sit together under a tree in the back garden under the shade of a pine tree. The woman sits on a swing and the man sits on the floor next to her stroking a dog.

Hello there!

We're your hosts, Rich & Hellen, the husband and wife team behind 'Trewena Cottages' our smallholding on the edge of Falmouth where we live with our son and our dog, Spud.

We both grew up loving the great outdoors, and when we first met in Hong Kong it was this love of nature that brought us together. From early on we kept talking about a dream of living in the countryside in a place where we could invite people to come and stay and enjoy an outdoor life.

Finally, in 2020 we left our 300suare foot apartment in Hong Kong and moved back to the UK, eventually finding this place. It gave us 3 acres of land, a couple of 170-year-old Cornish cottages and a converted pig barn. We feel truly blessed to be here and enjoy a great location that retains its rural charm and isolated feeling whilst being just a couple of minutes away from a great village pub, three minutes away from a huge supermarket, and just five minutes away from the twin towns of Falmouth and Penryn where you can easily spend a day strolling around surrounded by the sea.

We love it here, and we hope you’ll enjoy your time here too.

If you would like to know more about Trewena, please do not hesitate to ask us. And we’d always love to hear your thoughts about what else we should be doing with this place. Everything starts with a conversation!

Our Philosophy

Trewena Cottages is an award-winning sustainable tourism site. Slowly but surely we're taking steps to make our impact softer on the planet whilst creating a place where nature can flourish and be experienced. We've invested in solar to power some of our accommodation and planted over 1,000 trees since arriving on site. We've carved out natural areas and created habitats whilst curating a place to explore, connect and relax.

Come to explore this extraordinary corner of Cornwall whilst grabbing the opportunity to to immerse yourself in nature and connect with your nearest and dearest whilst staying in your cottage, reading in the garden, cooking over a fire-pit, star gazing, walking, wild swimming, exploring woodlands, world-class beaches, stopping still, breathing deeply, and listening to the sound of birdsong.

We truly hope you enjoy your time with us and fall for the delights of this beautiful, unspoilt area.

We sincerely hope you have a wonderful stay with us and enjoy your holiday in Cornwall.

Rich & Hellen

We provide a lot of what you'll need, but certainly not everything. Please use this in combination with the 'Don't Forget to Bring' section below:

We provide

  • Loo paper
  • Bed linen
  • Towels (shower / hand / tea)
  • Crockery, cutlery, pans, knives, utensils
  • Kettle / tea pot
  • Smart TV
  • Fridge
  • DAB radio
  • Torch
  • Some books / games / jigsaws
  • Washing up liquid + sponges / scourers
  • Cleaning products and vacuum cleaner for you to use
  • Outside feasting table and umbrella (latter on request)
  • Ironing board and iron (not kept in the cottage but available on request)

What to bring

Here is our suggested list of essentials to add to your usual packing for a comfortable stay:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shower gel and shampoo
  • Hairdryer / straighteners
  • Beach towels
  • Wellies or walking boots
  • A torch (we provide one on site, but good to bring another)
  • Playing cards, games, books
  • Slippers for inside
  • Food and drink - there are small independent shops fairly close by and supermarkets too. If you'd like a full fridge for when we arrive and would like to book a supermarket delivery let us know and we'll accommodate collection if we can!
  • Your favourite picnic rug or blanket to snuggle by the fire pit
  • A sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors!
  • Bikes, surfboards, paddleboards
  • A sense of adventure!

There will be a hard copy of all of the following information in your cottage

Internet: On arrival in your cottage you'll find a card with information about how to connect to the WiFi as well as the password.

Wifi network: Trewena Cottages
Password: WelcometoCornwall

If you log into any accounts whilst here (eg. Netflix on the TV) please make sure to logout before you leave.

Septic tank: Please note all waste water and sewage feeds into our septic tank. This means there's a few things you need to bear in mind that you might not need to in your own home.

  • Do not flush sanitary items, nappies tissue paper or kitchen roll down the toilet as they will will block the drains and damage the tank. Toilet paper only in the toilet please!
  • Please do not wash out wetsuits in the shower; this will cause sand to sediment at the base of our septic tank. For cleaning wetsuits please use the hosepipe and large grey bucket located near the entrance. Please use the washing line to air dry your wetsuits.

Hot water: The Tractor Shed has an under-sink heater which is set to provide you with enough hot water. The switch is located and labelled above the shoe rack (please do not touch). If you experience that there is insufficient hot water please let us know, but be aware that the amount of hot water is limited to the size of the hot water tank (and once emptied the new water needs to be heated).

Electric blanket:
If you're staying with us in the colder months we'll have electric blankets on the bed.
If using the blanket turn off when you go to sleep!

Waste: Dustbins are situated next to the parking area. Please use the black round ones for general waste and ensure the lids are on securely. If all the bins are full, please let us know. Please do not leave food or waste lying around and clean up thoroughly after dining, particularly outside. Food scraps can entice wild animals and vermin.

Recycling: There are recycling bins in the parking area. Please use them according to the labels on each bin. All recycled waste should be cleaned before being put into the bins; if you don't want to wash things out please don't recycle them!

Clothes washing: Should you wash clothes in the machine provided, please feel free to hang washing on the line in front of the parking area.

Breakages: We understand that sometimes accidents happen! Should you break anything please let us know immediately; if it’s minor we won’t charge. If it’s a larger issue (eg. a television) we’d like to agree the cost with you before you leave to avoid any issues later.  Letting us know also helps us to avoid frantically trying to find a replacement or having to do some repairs (or worse, painting) on changeover day before the next guests arrive. Thank you!

Noise: Please enjoy the place respectfully. No amplified music outside at any time, and after 10pm, please keep conversations quiet if sitting outside or chilling by the fire pit. We want you to enjoy staring at the stars until 5am if you like, but in a way that allows all our guests to rest well. Sound travels surprisingly well in the Cornish night-time, so be aware and be considerate.

Visitors: Only guests who have booked may enter the property without prior arrangement. The cottage capacity is not to be exceeded and guests are not permitted to entertain non guests (local friends/family) in the cottage.

Electric vehicles: Regretfully we don’t yet have a charge point on site and guests are not permitted to charge from the cottages.

Manuals (click for link)

Inside your cottage you’ll find a dizzying array of switches. We’ve labelled those that are relevant and in most cases they can just be left on with a few exceptions:
The towel rail is switched from outside the bathroom at low level. Please turn off when not in use.
The bathroom extractor fan is switched on automatically with the bathroom light. When possible, please leave the light and fan running after your shower until the steam has cleared.
If in doubt, please let us know!

Heater controls
The living area and bedroom are both heated with ceiling mounted infrared panels. The panels heat objects in the room rather than the space itself. Once turned on you will feel the heat within 5-10 minutes so please only turn on when you are in the cottage if needed.
Press ON/OFF button to turn on/off
Make sure it is on MAN mode (if it is not, press PRG till you see MAN on the display)
Use “-“ or “+” to adjust the temperature
On the display the left hand box indicates the desired temperature and the right hand box displays the current temperature.

Select the cooking zone you wish to use by pressing the key (A). The “0” symbol selected will stay fully lit. All other zone indicators will dim
Select the power level by pressing the “+” key (C) “ ” or “–” key (B) “ ”
The power level will start at “0”. Pressing the “+” will count up the power levels from 0 to 9 (max power) in numerical order. Pressing the “–” key will take the power straight from 0 to 9. Pressing the “–” key again will decrease the power level.
The zone button “A” and “H” will flash alternately for 20 seconds when the power is reduced to zero
The display will have a residual heat warning of “H” until the cooking zone has cooled to a safe level
To reuse the same cooking zone again, please follow the above steps

Rotate the timer knob to a desired cooking time
Rotate the cooking mode knob to a desired cooking mode
Rotate the temperature knob to a desired cooking temperature
The oven now switches on and starts operation
Once the cooking time has been reached, the timer’s buzzer emits a sound
After cooking:
Set the temperature knob to position
Set the cooking mode knob to position

Extractor hood
Press Stop button, the motor will stop running
Press the Low (speed) button, the motor runs at low speed
Press the Mid (speed) button, the motor runs at mid speed
Press the High (speed) button, the motor runs at high speed
Press the Light button, the 2 lighting lamps will come on
Press it again and the lamps will be turned of

Washing machine
Turn on the washing machine and select the required program
Adjust the washing temperature if necessary and press the required “option” buttons
Press the START / PAUSE button to start washing
At the end of the programme, the message “End” will appear on the display or, all wash stage indicator lights will turn on
Wait until the DOOR LOCKED light has gone out before opening the door
Turn off the washing machine

If you're still stuck with any of the gadgets above... ask us!

On arrival to The Tractor Shed please familiarise yourself with the fire exits at each end of the living space and to the rear of the bedroom. Please also read the emergency procedure displayed on the inside of the front door and also the printed Fire Risk Assessment in the cottage.

Also please note the following:

- Smoking is not permitted in your cottage.
- No candles or naked flames in your cottage
- For your safety please keep internal doors closed.
- In case of fire please leave your cottage immediately. There is a small fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen, you are welcome to use them for a small hob fire but please prioritise your safety and leave immediately if you are in danger. Call 999 and give ‘Pampaluna, Antron Hill, Mabe’ as the address.
- The emergency lighting torch in the kitchen is for fire safety in case of a power outage. Please do not remove from the cottage. Replacements will be charged at £30.

In case of medical attention, you can contact the following (click for link):

Penryn Surgery 01326 372502
Trescobeas Surgery 01326 315615
West Country Dental Care 03334 050290

Leaving the driveway

Use the mirror when leaving the drive and always creep out slowly so that oncoming cars can see you just in case you cannot see them.
Unfortunately some drivers drive fast along Antron Hill so please take care when exiting!

Visitor map for Trewena cottages in Falmouth showing the position of the cottages, the meadow, cider orchard, woods and stocked gardens

Scenic Surroundings

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Cornwall, our cottages offer breathtaking views and tranquil surroundings. Enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your doorstep, with lush gardens, scenic walking trails, and peaceful seating areas.

Your own outdoor space:

Each of our cottages boasts its own exclusive outdoor space, whether it’s a patio, a secluded sitting area, or a charming garden retreat.

But beyond your own private space, Trewena is home to three large outdoor areas that are open for your to roam around in and relax in. Whether your just want to have a stroll, picnic on a summer’s day, or see in a summer sunset warmed by a campfire it’s up to you!

The garden:

Stocked with flowering shrubs including hydrangeas and rhododendrons, mature pines and wildflower areas, the garden is a mass of colour and wildlife activity all year round.

It’s also home to a campfire area for you to toast away some marshmallows to your heart’s content.

So grab a blanket, find some shade under a tree and relax…

The meadow: 

Edged by “Cornish hedges” (these are essentially granite walls filled with earth, native trees such as blackthorn and hawthorn, and backed by our mini woods where we’ve established some wildlife habitats, the meadow basks in sunshine nearly all day.

We keep a mowed area through it’s centre so you can throw around a frisbee. In the rest of the meadow we keep the grass long to encourage wildlife to prosper and cut paths for you to explore through the grasses, flowers and newly planted native trees.

We also have a campfire area in the meadow which is perfect for taking in those long summer sunsets or stretching out on a blanket for a spot of star-gazing.

The Orchard: 

Immediately behind the cottages sits the orchard.

Planted in 2023 it’s still a baby at the moment but will one day be bearing us apples to make Cornish scrumpy on site. All the apple trees are native cider varieties, chosen for their suitability to the environment and to connect Trewena to the culinary history of the area.

Guests are invited to wander around the orchard, or we’ll be more than happy to show you around and tell you what we know about looking after our trees!

Check out

Please check out of your cottage by no later than 10am on your day of departure.

Please leave the cottage in the same state as when you arrived - no need to strip the beds
- To help you tidy up there is a small vacuum cleaner in the bottom drawer of the bathroom cabinet.

If on departure there's anything broken or not working that we have not yet been informed about please let us know.

On leaving please lock the cottage and knock on the green door to pass us the keys, or post them through the letterbox of you'd prefer.

We’re just starting out on our adventure with Trewena, so please let us know any comments you have about your stay, or any improvements you think we can make. Your feedback is a gift to us! We've made many, many adjustments based on guest feedback and really treasure your input.

We also have a massive favour to ask. Good reviews are the absolute lifeblood of businesses like ours and negative reviews can be extremely damaging. To be honest we'd prefer to just let you get on with your holiday but would be very grateful  if you could leave us a 5* or good review on either our Facebook page [LINK]  (which is also a great place to keep up to date with our various projects as we establish the place), our Google profile [LINK]), or through which ever platform you booked us through.

If you have any issues during your stay please, please, please let us know so we can fix them for you.

Also, please hashtag photos of your stay on social; #trewena

Thank you, and have a wonderful stay!

Where do we even start! 

With over 400 miles of coastline, more than 300 beaches, more than 400 pubs, moorland, world class cycling tracks, spectacular gardens, fun family days out, historic and cultural attractions, plus some brilliant independent businesses and eateries, Cornwall is a fantastic destination for your holiday or break.

Well, we’ve complied some information about places to go, walk and eat locally on our guide here. Rich is also part of the team behind Proper Cornwall which is the ultimate guide to how to spend you time and money in the Duchy so feel free to ask for insights and recommendations during your stay.

To get the juices flowing check out some of our essential guides: 

Things to do in Falmouth, the ultimate guide

Falmouth's best places to eat and drink

If you want to check out some local produce during your stay check out our guide to the best farm shops.

Learn more about what's right on the doorstep:

Trewena is located in the Parish of Mabe that has its own unique history. For hikers and explorers there's some great walks from the doorstep. If you’re keen to explore the local area and the ancient trails around Trewena please ask to borrow a walking map.

The fabulous Flicka Foundation Donkey Sanctuary is free to enter and right opposite Trewena. Also within the parish are some of Cornwall's best adrenaline fuelled adventures offered by Via Feretta and the Kernow Adventure Park.

The guide is not exhaustive so if you’d like other suggestions please ask.

Equally if you find somewhere great during your stay, please let us know!

We hope you had a great stay with us and we'd love to see you again in the future!

If you'd like to come again (or if you'd like to recommend us), you're guaranteed to find the cheapest prices on our own website (trewena.com). And if you do find us cheaper elsewhere (which you won't) we'll be able to beat that price by 5%!

You can book with us directly or contact us directly via email or Whatsapp/call on 07878195227.