Values and Sustainabilty

Values are at the heart of what we do at Trewena. With Trewena we’re on a mission to build a place where visitors can enjoy Cornwall whilst getting close to nature and experiencing sustainable practices. Rich has a PhD in sustainable development through tourism and destination branding whilst Hellen has leadership experience in hospitality operations management. Trewena Cottages not only capitalises on our backgrounds, but also has to meet a high barrier of ethical scrutiny in its development!

We try to do everything we can ourselves at Trewena, offering us a chance to lean into what we love whilst also learning new skills along the way. From creating this website to cleaning the cottages, from building much of what you see physically on site to tending the landscapes, yep that’s all us (so forgive us  if anything is a wee bit rough around the edges)! 

We aspire to operate as a sustainable business that enhances the local environment and increases awareness about the local area whilst funnelling trade to local businesses.

Environmental sustainability

At Trewena, we are aware that every action we take impacts the environment. We want to tread as lightly as we can, minimising the footprint of our business, and make conscious choices about how we do things in both the short and long term. 


Given our idyllic location, it’s no surprise that nature is a top priority for us at Trewena. Situated amidst three acres of stunning Cornish countryside, the natural environment was a major draw for us, and it continues to be a highlight for many of our guests.

We aim to operate as responsible stewards of the environment. Where possible we offer opportunities for guests to learn about or interact with the nature at Trewena and have a long term plan to transform Trewena into a haven for wildlife inline with Cornwall’s Cop 1 biodiversity targets.

In 2023 we received funding from Forest for Cornwall to increase our woodland and orchard areas whith Rich planting 1,000 trees singlehandedly over the course of the springtime. You can read more about that project here.

Consumables and cleaning

Our consumables are used week in week out for cleaning, and also in welcome packs for our guests. Wherever possible, we only use products that are made from natural ingredients, septic tank safe and cruelty free from brands such as Bio D, Method & Astonish. We buy in bulk where possible and refill detergents, cutting down on packaging waste. Where possible we also source goods produced locally or use brands that are net zero.

Recycling & Waste

Packaging waste and especially plastic is top of everyone’s mind of course. We try to make recycling as easy as possible for our guests. 

Energy & Water consumption

Our energy and water consumption are a major part of the business’s overall carbon footprint. We have switched to LED lighting and infrared heating, added more insulation to the cottages, installed exterior solar lighting, replaced appliances with energy efficient models over time and have installed an 8.5Kw solar system to generate our own energy. 

Social sustainability

The issue of holiday lets and second homes has gained prominence in recent years, and we share concerns about their impact on local communities. Trewena was chosen as the site for our holiday cottage business precisely because we wanted to demonstrate a sustainable approach that benefits both the local area and our guests.

How choosing us helps social sustainability

By managing multiple properties on a single site like Trewena, we avoid depleting housing stock in local villages and urban areas while providing guests with security and peace of mind during their stay. 

Increased safety for guests 

We actively support Visit Cornwall / Cornwall Council about the proposed visitor accommodation registration scheme which aims to enhance professionalism, regulation, and visitor safety in the industry. Our units are fully compliant with updated fire regulations, and we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage to protect our guests.

Benefits to the local area
Other than accommodation to tourists we can provide a direct link to other local businesses and also provide to directly promote the local area. 

We’re updating our blog all the time but examples of our promotion of local businesses can be found here:
The Flicka Foundation
VF Adventure
Kernow Adventure Park

We actively direct guests to use local businesses:
Best places to eat in Falmouth and Penryn
Local farm shops

Finally we educate our guests about the local area and encourage them to explore the parish. Richard has taken guests on walks around the local area using the local footpaths:
Our profile of Mabe: 
Parish walking map: 
Argal lake: 

We intend to keep promoting and creating content like that outlined above which benefits the local area, keep tuned to our blog or our sister website, Proper Cornwall for more content.